Click the videos below to learn more about donation through the stories of Beanie Wells and Mike Pucillo. If you would like more information on donation for yourself, someone you know, or your community contact us here.
Beanie Wells

Be Someone’s Hero

Donation impacts everyone’s life in one way or another. Learn how organ and tissue donation has affected Beanie and his family. Register as a donor and be someone’s hero.

Talking to Your Parents

Speaking with your family about donation can be a tough subject. Beanie shares some tips with Ohio teens on having those conversations.

Fact or Fiction?

Beanie Wells and organ recipient, DeMia Williams, help set the record straight about organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Mike Pucillo
Johnny’s Courage

Mike shares the story of his friend Johnny and how his courage helped Mike achieve his dreams.

LGBTQ + Donation

Many in the LGBTQ community believe they cannot donate organs because there are restrictions around donating blood. Mike and Dr. Jonaus help dispel this misconception.
Join The Movement

By registering as a donor, you have the chance to enhance lives and leave behind a legacy.